Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast 25.02.17 (Out of the frying pan!)


David Hess gave a talk which outlined his parents experience of life in Germany in the 1930’s through to their escape to the UK just before war was declared in 1939. No write up can adequately describe the risks they and friends took to make their escape possible or the heart pounding moments when their fate was hanging by a thread. Swimming the Rhine is an example and not the last of their travails.


Not only was this a riveting talk but it served as a reminder of our good fortune in being an island which enabled us to defend and ultimately restore democracy to our European neighbours.


David’s family story would make an excellent TV serial/film.

Will there be a part 2 –Watch this space!

Look out for details shortly of the next breakfast – a large cooked breakfast at the Greswolde is the order of the day but not strictly compulsory.