Christenings, Weddings & Funerals


Important events occur during our lives; times to celebrate birth and marriage; give thanks or remember those special to us who have died.

Dorridge Methodist Church supports these occasions by ensuring that the presence of Christ comforts those who are sad, rejoices in new life through baptism and celebrates the joining of people in marriage.



christening-2christening-3It’s a special thing to welcome a new person, baby or adult, into the church family. We believe we are all precious to God and at baptism we make a decision to start on a journey of faith. For babies and children, parents and godparents are speaking on their behalf and DMC will support you in this.

Baptisms are part of our morning service when the members of DMC and your family and friends can share in the occasion together and welcome your son/daughter into the church.




Dorridge Methodist Church is a great place to celebrate a wedding and we will be delighted to work with you to arrange this part of your special day.





funeral-2funeral-1We mark the end of a person’s life on earth by coming together as family and friends to give thanks for the life they have lived, to grieve and to commend the person into God’s care.


Our prayer room is available for you as a special place of calm and tranquillity at this difficult time.


To discuss further or make arrangements get in touch through any of the following ways

Rev Caz Hague is on sabbatical  07979 278949 email

or contact the office on 01564 230236 (Voicemail)

The stewards can be contacted on